Media & Public Relations

The Mixtape Hub is a fast growing mixtape promotion website.  It was launched in May of 2014.

The site provides a way for recording artists, DJ’s and producers to get more exposure for their mixtapes, DJ mixes, beat tapes, singles and EP’s.



Mixtape Artwork

The following images are provided for use on mixtape covers, flyers, brochures and related mixtape marketing material.

The images provided in this kit are all in .PNG format.

> mixtape-hub-logo.png (400×324)
> mixtape-hub-text-logo-white.png (272×87)
> mixtape-hub-text-logo-black.png (272×87)
> mixtape-hub-text-logo-outlined.png (272×87)

The site can be mentioned as “” or simply “The Mixtape Hub”.

Other promotional wording examples:

“Exclusively on The Mixtape Hub”
“Available Now on”
“Stream For Free at”
“Get This Mixtape Now at”

Mixtape Hub GFX Kit

Download The Mixtape Hub GFX Kit here:  Mixtape Hub GFX Kit